Paris, France


I'm Mohamed Labouardy

Tech entrepreneur with a profound experience building distributed applications, author and well-known speaker. I have unwavering passion for cloud, fintech and startups.
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A little about me

I am a software engineer and entrepreneur living in Paris, France. I am currently the CTO and Co-founder of Crew (backed by Y Combinator). In the recent past, Head of DevOps at Foxintellligence and Founder of

I'm also a DevSecOps Evangelist with a deep experience building distributed applications and author of several books around Serverless, Golang and DevOps practices.


CTO & Co-Founder @Crew

I'm part of the founding team of, a modern recruiting CRM. We're backed by Y Combinator as part of its YC S21 batch and the french startup studio eFounders. As the tech founder, I'm responsible for planning and implementing the tech vision.


Author & Speaker

I've written a couple of books about building and scaling Serverless applications on AWS, designing distributed applications with Go and automating cloud-native applications deployment with a Pipeline as Code approach.

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Maker & Indie-Entrepreneur

I founded, a cloud cost optimisation platform that supports multiple cloud providers: AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean and OVH, it has over +2k stars on GitHub and +1M downloads. I'm the editor of two weekly newsletters: DevOps Bulletin and Founder Bulletin.